Massage Therapy

Massage: What to Expect...

Please read my POLICY page prior to coming for your appointment.


Eventually I will write something about the benefits of massage for this page. For now, I'm told that I'm worth more than I charge. I once had a massage therapist tell me, "I will relax when I'm not in pain anymore." That has always stuck with me because that is how I approached getting a massage. As much as I'd love to experience just a simple relaxing massage (Basic Swedish) - I know that I need a more therapeutic one that gets to the bottom of why I feel the way I do (everything other than Swedish). That tends to be how I approach the massages I give as well. I will try to help you stay as relaxed as possible, but when I find a source of your discomfort, with your permission, I will probably try to work on it to help relieve your pain. Sometimes those points are a little uncomfortable and I will encourage you to take a deep breath to help the muscles relax. So far I have only heard great things from those who have received a massage by my hands.


Table Massage - 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours

Please arrive several minutes before your scheduled appointment so we have time to discuss your needs and expectations. Your physical privacy and safety is very important to me. I will ask you to dress down to your comfort level (I leave the room for that part) and get between the sheets on the massage table. Please know that you will remain properly draped at all times. I will only undrape whichever area of the body I need to work on. Be aware that although a massage can be given with all clothing on, the more skin-to-skin contact there is, the more efficent the massage is. If gluteal (buttock) work is done, I prefer that area remain covered with draping, regardless if you kept it covered with clothing or not. There are a lot of important things you should know before scheduling and receiving a massage. Please read my policy page to understand the boundaries, ethics, and safety protocols I am bound by.