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Feel free to use the form here to request an appointment. Please note this is just a request! This form will not tell you if your time slot is already taken.
When you submit the form, I will get an email.

I WILL CONTACT YOU TO CONFIRM the appointment, or to tell you what I have available closest to your requested time.

If you need a faster response, or same day session, please call me or text me.
My number is 615-944-6361.

Please do not wear any fragrances to your session.

For the safety of myself and other clients who are sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, and synthetically fragranced products, please refrain from applying these products prior to your session. They do not contribute to your health and well-being, and they can make others ill in a very serious way. If you would like to try some essential oils as a body fragrance, you are welcome to sample what I have.


Thank you for your cooperation, understanding, and patience.



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This is just a request form. Do not come for your appointment unless you have heard back from me confirming it!

If you need a session TODAY, please call or text me instead. 615-944-6361


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