Bars Therapy

Free Your Mind...

Do you want to feel more relaxed? Less stressed? Do you feel like you have mental blocks that hinder your success and happiness? How about a need to resolve inner conflicts so you can find greater peace? Do you need to reduce your emotional pain to awaken affection, compassion, and a greater potential for friendship and connection? Then you might consider giving Bars Therapy a try. (You can read testimonials at the bottom of the page)


 If you are not familiar with energy work, this may sound like quackary, but it's really quite fascinating. During sessions of acupressure, emotional freedom technique (EFT), biofeedback and light treatments, cranial sacral work, and several other common modalities -- there is a change in the electromagnetic field and energy in the body.   Energy meridians can get blocked or be sluggish.  Many things can affect them which is how those different techniques can work.  There are many ways to achieve the same results, and there is no right or wrong way for each individual. Some techniques will be more obviously effective than others.  This is just another technique that may help you achieve what you need to deal with the stress in your life.


This modality claims there are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life (and some therapists claim they coincide with the acupressure points on the head also). These energy points store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs that you have ever had about anything.  Activating them by gentle touch starts to dissipate the electromagnetic energy and allow you to clear away old limiting thought patterns that sabotage your success and outlook on life.  It's like clearing out an old file cabinet or harddrive; tossing out preconceived ideas on what is (or is not) possible in your life and defining how you function.  This allows you to move forward creating a new reality for yourself, allowing you to consciously start fresh and change your pattern of thinking and acting if you choose to.

At the very least, all of my clients who have tried it have felt more relaxed, peaceful, and have handled stress better. Some didn't even realize they were acting less stressed; it was the family and workmates that noticed the difference. No two sessions will ever be exactly the same. Every session accesses new energies, new areas of your life and body, all of it with the over all effect of more ease in every aspect of life. You will only let go of things your body is ready to deal with and wants changed.

Here are some of the things people have experienced in the days and weeks after having a Bars Therapy session:


·  Sleep and sleep patterns are more regular
·    Calm endless mind chatter
·    Brings greater focus
·    Aids depression and anxiety
·    Reduction of stress and tension
·    Physical and emotional well-being, calm and peace
·    Higher consciousness
·    Allows you access to greater energy and eases exhaustion.
·    Aids communication and relationships.
·    Increases perception and intuition.
·    Begin to see negative issues dissolving and dissipating.
·    Be more able to connect to joy and happiness.
·    Releases the blocks of stuck emotions.
·    Feeling of space within your body and mind
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What should you expect during a Bars therapy session?

To get to shut down and relax! The session is approximately 45 minutes to an hour long. You remain fully clothed and lie on the massage table. I sit on a stool at your head and place my fingers on the different energy points located on your head. The room is dim and quiet, with no music. You are welcome to talk the entire time, or you may choose to relax and fall asleep. I will try not to speak unless I am spoken to. You are welcome to bring a friend and visit with them the entire time as well.


How often should you have your Bars run? 
For the most impressive change, it is recommended that the Bars are run weekly for 4 weeks initially, and then spreading them out over a couple of weeks to monthly or whatever maintenance level suits you. Whenever your life seems to be getting more difficult with everything that happens: those “bad hair” days, grumpy for no apparent reason, really stressed out, or unclear about things; that is when you know it’s time for your next session. There is no right or wrong for how often, it is totally up to you. You can’t have your Bars run too often.

What can you expect after your Bars session?
Physically you most likely will feel relaxed, as if you've just had a massage. In the days following you may not notice anything at all, while those around you notice you are more patient, calm, and able to handle stress better. Or perhaps you have a more profound effect of not being debiiltated by a usual overwhelming emotion or reaction to current stressors. Each session will be different and there is no way to predict what you will feel.
It is important to note that if you have an overwhelming need to express an emotion - to allow yourself to safely and freely do so. If you need to cry - do it; even if you have to get in your car and drive around the corner so no one else knows or interferes. This emotion is related to one of those "files" being purged from your session and you want to let it go rather than hang on to it.
You may also crave something sweet or salty. This is your body's way of restoring what it used as energy. It is important to satisfy this craving, though you can also make healthy choices to satisfy it.


Do you read my thoughts?
No. I cannot download your thoughts or know what is going on in your mind. I cannot tell you what your body is working on. All I do is facilitate the movement of the energy using my own energy. It's similar to using one car battery to jump start another.


I have done some research and other practioners believe you can connect to the spirit world or clear thousands of years worth of energies. This creeps me out and is contrary to my beliefs. Help!

I totally understand! I was a little freaked out at first too when I read the same things - but then I went back to everything I have learned in my schooling, training, and research. This is science. This is a testiment to how well our Creator made our human body. We are energy. We exude energy and we can take on someone else's energy. It has been proven that our energy moves in particular patterns in our body. We also know that stressors can cause that energy to get blocked or re-routed which results in symptoms and health problems. That has nothing to do with the spirit world - it is science. You can get several friends together and rub balloons on your head to create static electricity and then all hold the balloons next to an unplugged light bulb. Without touching the bulb - it will still slightly illuminate. That is the transferrence of energy. Why can you pick up a cell phone, not attached to anything, and call someone halfway around the world? Because of energy. You can have sympathy pains for someone close to you because of your energy connecting with theirs.
Yes there are modalities and practitioners who actually do summon spirits into their practice; even a massage therapist could do that, but you don't typically associate massage with spiritism. I'm sure they all have good intentions for healing, but I won't touch that with a ten foot pole. I will stick to science. You need to know your therapist.

Acupressure, acupuncture, red light therapy, muscle testing, biofeedback ... all of these follow and utilize the patterns and points of energy in our body just like the Bars therapy does. Facilitating a change in the energy pattern allows blocked pathways to become cleared or redirected, which in turn allows your body to facilitate healing. Again - science that has been studied and used for centuries. If someone is associating these with spiritism or spiritual beliefs - then it is something they are adding into the science themselves; not something that was part of the modality to begin with.





In reference to a toddler getting Bars: "[child] sits down to eat better and doesn't get as easily frustrated." - H.B.


"What I notice the most is that I have more stamina. I am able to work longer in the day. And I have noticed my hair is not falling out as much. I am very grateful. Thank you Amanda! My daughter has been going for Bars and when she comes home she is at peace. That's a blessing." - S.M.


"I need you to do that brain thing again! I could think so clearly at work today and everything went more smoothly!" - my husband


"...I've also had her "bars" therapy. I had a very stressful trauma that I was having a hard time processing . She in one session freed my mind from the cycle of thoughts and allowed my body to release the stress." - Paula

"We underwent a lot of changes in one year and the entire family was under a lot of stress. I was mad at myself that I didn't have the same patience and tolerance that I used to have before the intense stress started and I know it was affecting my young son as well. I got a Bars therapy done and immediately could deal with the stress better. Things didn't frustrate or anger me quickly and I could feel better about myself because I knew I was handling situations better." - Amanda


"Thank you for coming and doing bars for me. I felt much better after, it actually feels like weight is lifted off of my shoulders. It physically feels easier to walk and to sit up and my back doesn't feel so heavy. Thank you so much Amanda, I really appreciate it!"- K.W.


"[He] went from death glares to my son... he's so chatty and silly now. And he was being such a stinker." - private, in reference to a teenager


"My toddler went through a phase of being defiant, whiney, and dragging his feet whenever it was time to do something - especially go to bed. It actually became a routine. I would ask him to put his toys away and get ready to brush teeth and he'd start whining and saying he needed something to eat, or he couldn't put toys away by himself, etc. I inquired about getting a bars session for him. It apparently only takes about as many minutes as however many years old they are. He consented and the changes were immediate! That very night, I said it was time to put toys away and go brush teeth and without hesitation he said, "okay!" put his toys in the drawers and headed to the bathroom! I was in shock. The next couple of weeks he was completely agreeable." - C.H.